Q:   What is the difference between an Insert, a Fireplace and a stove?   


A:   An Insert goes into a masonry fireplace.  Masonry refers to being Brick built, from the firebox to the chimney outside of the house.

A fireplace refers to a 0 Clearance unit, metal chimney through the roof or wall. Usually gas but can be wood or even pellet.  It is made of metal and framed using wood and sheet rock, the front can be finished with a number of materials.  Most often used in new construction and remodels.

A Stove is usually a free standing unit. As wood, gas or pellet.  

* = on our show room floor 

Gas Apliances

* Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace    

Regency HZI234  Small Gas Insert

* Regency Hampton H35  Gas Stove

Kozy  Minnetonka  Gas Fireplace

* Regency HZI390 Gas Insert

Regency HZ42ST See-thru Gas Fireplace

* Valor President Gas Stove

Vermont Castings Intrepid Gas Stove

* Valor  Madrona Gas Stove

Vermont Castings Radiance Gas Stove


Monessen BLDV 400 Gas Fireplace

* Valor Legend G3 Gas Insert with Copper Surround

Town & Country WS54 Gas Fireplace

Regency HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Monessen LX36  Gas Fireplace

Monessen   KHLDV600 Gas Fireplace

Valor G3 Gas Insert  with doors

Valor G3 Gas Insert w/ Square trim & Rocks

Valor G3 Traditional Cast Front Gas Insert

Thelin Gnome Gas Stove

Thelin Parlour  Gas Stove

Monessen BLVD500 Gas Fireplace

 * Regency L390  Gas Insert

Pellet Stoves
*Piazzetta    Monia   Pellet Stove
* Piazzetta   P955    Pellet Stove
* Piazzetta   Sabrina  Pellet Stove

Breckwell Classic Cast Pellet Stove

* Thelin Tiburon Pellet Stove

* PE Warmland Classic Pellet Stove

Breckwell P24 Blazer Pellet Stove

Breckwell Solstice Pellet Stove

 Wood Stoves

* Osburn Matrix Wood Insert

* Regency Hampton H200 Wood Insert

Kozy Z42  Wood Fireplace

* Pacific Energy Super 27 Wood Insert

Regency Alderlea  Wood Insert w/Fan

Morso  7670 Wood Stove

* Morso 2B Wood Stove

Morso 3610 Wood Stove

 Morso 7670 Wood Stove Wall Mount

Regency 2400 Wood Stove

Vermont Castings Encore Wood Stove

 Vermont Castings Defiant  Wood Stove

 * Pacific Energy Spectrum Classic Wood Stove

* Pacific Energy Spectrum Classic  Wood Stove

* Pacific Energy Spectrum  Wood Stove

* Pacific Energy Super Step Top Wood Stove

* Pacific Energy Vista  Wood Stove

* Pacific Energy Fusion Wood Stove

* Pacific Energy Alderlea Wood Stove

* Regency Alterra CS1200 Wood Stove

* Regency Alterra 2400 Wood Stove

Osburn Wood Stove 1600 w/ Nickel Door

Osburn 1800 Wood Stove

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