Wood Stoves starting as low as $989.00

Come see us for more details.

Manufactured by Sherwood Industries on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Since 1988, Sherwood Industries has been a leader in its field producing high quality gas, wood, and pellet appliances.

These unique stoves are fitted with a crossflow fan, which  distributes the heat more quickly and effectively throughout the entire room. An advanced electronic card constantly controls the fan speed for circulating hot air in relation to the power level at which the stove is operating and the set room temperature.

From Traditional to Contemporary. Gas inserts and fireplaces. Wood fireplaces, choose what fits you best.  Come in and see a few of your options

With Wood or Gas, Inserts or Freestanding. Timeless Cast Iron or Beautiful Enamel the choices are endless.

Looking for Efficiency?

Valor's unique approach strives for maximum heat output from minimum BTU's. So you get more heat out of your Gas $$$.

Inserts, Freestanding or 0 Clearance, any way you go, you can be sure to stay warm even without power.

The style of yesterday with today's technology.  A beautiful combination.  

Available in Wood, Gas or Pellet Stoves.   Cast iron with white or black Enamel finish available.

Innovative contemporary Pellet Stove and Insert in our showroom.


Highly customizable, amazing finishes to choose from. Different surround sizes sure to fit your Fireplace.

For when you want a fire in your open fireplace without burning wood.     A Gas Log set is the optimal way to go.    Just flip a switch or use your remote and instant ambiance.

Dozens of styles including contemporary Glass with geometrical shapes, to Traditional logs with pine cones or even Birch logs.

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